Rigondeaux Sends Emotional Lomachenko Fight Day Battle Cry Message

Guillermo Rigondeaux sends an emotion-filled message on fight day of arguably the defining fight of his incredible career.

They say who we were as children has a large part to play as who we become as men.

A little over 37 years ago in Cuba one Guillermo Rigondeaux was brought into this world. Seemingly destined for only one thing.

As fate would have it, and as history would transpire, that one thing proved to be the sport of boxing. An ancient craft in human combat that has still stood the test of time to modern-day 2017.

In many ways Rigondeaux embodies what the craft and science means at its purist, most inner core.

To hit and not get hit.

I was once told a long time ago never p*** off a genius. F*** with a genius – and expect to feel the consequences.

One way or another. In any walk of life.

Tonight will see two modern-day boxing geniuses collide in a ring in New York city. One of them has that fire lit under him like never before.

It means absolutely everything to him. Years of frustration have all led to this point.

He’ll have his opportunity to let it out tonight in a cold professional manner and a way he understands best to express himself – with his fists.

Here’s what the man himself has said on fight day as he prepares for battle: