Four-Time World Champion Zab Judah Retrains In A New Career

Former four time world champion Zab Judah retrains in new career in some inspiring news that the former fighter is involved in.

New Yorker Zab Judah is well-known to fight fans after a stellar career that saw numerous world titles and big fights against the likes of Floyd Mayweather.

In recent years however when Judah was in the news it might not have been always for positive reasons, but this one certainly is.

TMZ have reported that Judah has now retrained in a new career as a nurse’s assistant in a centre dedicated to the care and help of dementia patients, as well as working in the adult daycare facility in Michigan.

Judah recently took a class in CPR as well as other things and has now returned to the school to actually help teach that same class.

The report goes on to mention that the people under Judah’s care have taken well too him.

Here is a picture of 40-year-old Judah from his Instagram account:

It is understood that Judah is still actively training as a pro fighter and is doing his new career around his his training.

Fair play Zab Judah.