Special Night, Special Fight – This Reminds Me Why Loma Rigo Will Be

Loma Rigo as the fight is being affectionately referred to with hashtags online, promises to be a spectacle of skill the likes of which hasn’t been seen in boxing.

Certainly not in the last twenty years or so anyway.

In fact, it’s hard to think of a time at all where two apex technicians at the top of their game came together like this. You’d have to really go back in history, to be fair.

I remember speaking to someone before in boxing about how if Rigondeaux was only a little bit bigger in size, just imagine what a fight between him and Mayweather would have been.

Mayweather might actually have finally met his match in terms of a guy with equal boxing ability and ring smarts.

Alas, Rigondeaux was just too small for that fight to happen. I would have paid to see them just spar, mind.

Nevertheless – this Saturday gives us purist boxing fans out there the next best thing. Even for fans watching the sport for the first time, the bout will offer you everything in terms of insight into how it is done at the very highest level.

Vasyl Lomachenko is arguably pound for pound the best fighter in the world now. Given the recent retirement from the sport of American Andre Ward.

Of course Gennady Golovkin also has a shout in this debate too.

But if Lomachenko were to do a demolition job on Rigondeaux Saturday night – it would surely cement his place at the top.

Ahead of the fight one fan has made a truly incredible build-up video for the fight that will remind you just how special what we have on our hands is this Saturday night:

(Hat tip Iron Man TV):