Tyson Fury Shows He Is Losing Weight As He Smashes The Pads

Tyson Fury shows he is going in the right direction quickly with some unorthodox pad work as he prepares for his comeback.

Today marks the start of December which for many will have Christmas firmly in most peoples’ mind but for Tyson Fury it will mean something a bit different this year, potentially.

This is the month that he will finally found out (either way) what is going on at long last with his protracted UKAD case which is due for a final hearing later this month.

Should be be cleared and successful, he will then have the opportunity to go ahead and apply for his boxing license again and get back in the ring in 2018.

He’s been training away steadily these last few weeks in the hope that it will be good news soon and today’s latest pads session shows the weight is gradually coming off.

Day by day, week by week:


An unorthodox routine for sure.

But light-hearted banter aside, when he’s hitting the pads he looks to be punching with force and solid technique as he slowly but surely gets his timing back on point – as well as getting the weight off.

It was estimated that he was as high as 27 stone a few weeks ago before this latest return to the gym but is already thought to have dropped a few stone since then.

Likely he will need to get down under 20 stone at the very least before getting back into the ring in 2018.