Joshua Reveals Who’s The Toughest For Him Out Of Fury, Parker and Wilder

Anthony Joshua reveals who is thinks presents him the most difficulty out of his three main heavyweight rivals at present.

Talks are underway for a fight with at least of two of them at the moment, in the form of Deontay Wilder and Joseph Parker.

But a Tyson Fury fight is one he desperately craves as well when Fury returns to the sport.

Fans are clamouring to see the heavyweight championship unified once again in the new post-Klitschko era that boxing now finds itself in.

Financial split disputes seem to be the main stumbling blocks at the moment to making them but if it were down to just the fighters, they’d fight in a heart beat.

Indeed this is what Anthony Joshua feels as the main man at the top of the heavyweight pile at the moment when he surveys his three main rivals.

Speaking on TV from Dubai to Dubai Eye Sport, Joshua said:

‘Wilder? I’d knock Wilder out, it would take a bit of time but I’d definitely knock him out.”

On Parker he said:

“Parker? I don’t disregard him but I think I’d smack Parker around the ring, no problem.”

But it’s Fury is who he’s most wary of:

“I think he’s just got a bit of a screw loose. Any man with a screw loose even if it is just in business, they just have a little something that you can’t put your finger on.”

This more affirmative, fighting side of Anthony Joshua is clearly starting to come out more and you can just tell that the online verbals by his rivals are now starting to get underneath his skin a tad.

At the end of the day he’s a fighter and despite the well spoken, media-trained image he built up at the beginning of his career, the truth is he just loves to fight and he’ll be targeting all three with every single bit of his punching power in 2018.

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