Anthony Joshua Appears In Dubai Boxing Ring On Top Of Skyscraper

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua appears in Dubai in a rather unique clip in a boxing ring suspended well above ground level.

Joshua is currently on vacation in Dubai but has also been getting in some work as the commercial below shows.

Perhaps one of the most different locations to place a boxing ring – in as picturesque a setting as you could ask for – on top of a huge skyscraper overlooking the magnificent Dubai.

(Via Anthony Joshua Instagram)

Earlier this year his promoter outlined their future plan with Joshua is to take him around the world to really make him not just a full world champion and unify all the belts, but a global attraction on the sports landscape.

The next phase of this appears to be the US with negotiations ongoing for a unification with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder at the moment.

Dubai and Nigeria have also been mentioned as legit destinations that Joshua is looking at fighting in too.

As far as Europe goes, Joshua is certainly a massive star but one suspects to truly become a global star one big fight in the US in 2018 will be needed at least.

The counter argument to that is though, if he’s selling out stadiums in the UK why does he need to go anywhere else at all?