4 Boxing Writers Give Their Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko Predictions

Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko Predictions

Boxing News and Views consulted the opinion of four writers to get a balanced list of Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko predictions.

The chances of predicting a national Lottery jackpot are 1 in 14 million. The chances of predicting the winner between Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko are slightly lower, but still astronomical.

Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration.

Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko is undoubtedly a 50/50 fight between two of the greatest boxers in the sport today – with little if anything to separate them.

Both are double Olympic gold medallists, so 50/50 sounds fair.

Boxing News and Views has asked some boxing writers their predictions for the must see fight of 2017.

Boxing author Chris Henderson.

I am always a boxing fan first and foremost that’s just lucky enough to be able to cover the sport as a journalist and man am I excited for this fight.

This isn’t a big PPV extravaganza like some but it just may be the best fight boxing has seen in a long, long time.

The technical skill these two pugilists bring to the ring here is possibly as good as it gets and that’s no exaggeration.

I believe this will come down to which fighter can control the pace more so than anything else.

Both guys have exceptional defense but Lomachenko incorporates a lot more offense into his game plan whereas Rigondeaux is more of a counter-puncher.

The Ukrainian has been able to give most guys trouble through his movement, especially his step move where he gets himself into position to tee off on his opponent without the fear of facing return fire.

Rigondeaux however is exceptional at finding his opponents rhythm and timing them to land crushing counters and I expect him to do so here.

How well Lomachenko deals with these counters will be the determining factor in whether he is able to maintain the higher output or will this cause him to rethink things?

I believe he does overcome a couple of good counters by the Cuban and pull out an unanimous decision victory on December 9th.

Adam Gent.

I think it will be a very close fight, but one where the scorecards go quite wide to Loma (which will cause some grumbles), simply due to winning lots of rounds by a very small margin.

Simply because when you have two elite elite technicians operating at the top of their game, it is easier for judges to find reasons to score towards the more active and aggressive fighter,  there is the size advantage to Loma, and he is the one with the big money future.

Unlike other fights, I think this one will be one where you can watch it back in slow motion later concentrating on individual aspects and you`ll see something new each time.

I’ll probably be supporting Rigo though. If he loses he`ll probably never get another big fight, while Loma can and would rebuild very quickly.

Boxing author John Gatling (Taz).

Obviously, this is a quintessential dream fight.

I know so many are calling it a super fight, but it has to be a fair fight to go there.

It’s like an upgraded Neo against a retro Agent Smith. Still very intriguing — fascinating even, but I think its goes from compelling to savage after 5 or 6 rounds.

Rigo’s giving up 10 years and 10lbs and the referee will count to 10 and he might not remember. Lomachenko KO 8.

Tom Freeman-Jones.

Tough call.

First off can I say it’s a crying shame one fighter has to lose this fight. I can’t actually remember a fight in recent boxing history with this level of talent on show.

It’s crazy.

To answer the question, my heart says Rigondeaux  my head says Lomachenko.

Everything in between says I hope it’s a draw. A fight this good should be a trilogy.