Fight Fans Get Creative On Tyson Fury After Anthony Joshua Call Out

Fight fans get creative on Tyson Fury after the back and forth between him and rival Anthony Joshua this week.

Following the pair going back and forth at one another this week on social media – it’s clear to see not only is it going to be a huge fight when it happens — but there are a clear set of separate fans passionately backing their man.

On one hand you have the Fury fans. The other the Joshua fans.

Boxing as it so often does these days on social media, gives fans direct access with their favorite fighters and many have not missed up on this opportunity following the week that’s been in it.

Following a call out and animal kingdom comparison photo issued by Fury this morning, fight fans have taken the opportunity to do something, well, similar:

Boxing fans sure do have their lighter side.

But it’s the serious business in the ring that counts and whatever your opinion is on Tyson Fury, you can’t deny he is not a character.

Boxing like all pro sports needs characters. Professional sports are not just sports at the end of the day, they are also entertainment.

Pro boxing has always been in the hype business, when all is said and done, just like any other professional sport.