Boxing’s Special 2017 Christmas Present Should’t Be Taken For Granted

Boxing's Special 2017

The sport of boxing’s special 2017 gift is getting wrapped at the moment and fight fans don’t have long to do to enjoy it.

Please excuse my excitement and my disappointment at the same time.

It’s a rarity in boxing when as fans we are actually given the fights we truly want, but don’t actually appreciate the gift when it’s nicely rapped and under the boxing tree.

In no way am I saying boxing fans  should go cap in hand begging for the best fights – but we should never expect garbage, either.

Gift horse in the mouth, unfortunately boxing fans are so often left pondering what could and should have been if only fighter A had fought fighter B, in so many words.

But every once in a while a collective sense of reason thankfully descends across the boxing landscape of management, advisers, promoters and the powers that be and everybody pulls together to deliver a dream fight.

Before you get too excited the much anticipated Wilder vs Joshua Heavyweight fight hasn’t been announced yet for 2018, obviously I am talking about a bout between arguably the two greatest exponents of the pugilist art form  currently engaged in boxing today.

Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux, both double Olympic gold medallists, both sublimely talented and both pound for pound rated fighters – will fight for the WBO super featherweight title on December 9, 2017.

Madison Square Garden in New York,  yes it’s really happening.

But you could be forgiven if you haven’t heard too much about it because the hype and buzz surrounding this fight is decidedly underwhelming.

Why is a fight involving boxing’s apex technicians slipping under the radar to such a degree?

The answer is threefold.

Firstly because of a lack  of promotional input.

Secondly the fight is at an unfashionable weight.

Finally, it has been the victim through know fault of its own of a heavyweight eclipse that has overshadowed not just this fight, but the whole sport to the point no other fight in boxing is as relevant at the moment.

Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux is that great Christmas present you have always wanted if you’re a boxing fan.

Let’s not disregard it or take it for granted and end up playing with the empty cardboard box of a fight not yet made.

This is boxing at its best. It’s real and it’s just around the corner. Sit back, relax and enjoy.