Promoter Almost Gets Emotional Talking About Drug Cheats In Boxing

Promoter almost wells up as he speaks passionately about drugs cheats in boxing ahead of a heavyweight title fight.

Promoter Lou DiBella is known for being one of the most passionate people in boxing. Often speaking from the heart, the Harvard-educated and former HBO employee doesn’t mince his words.

Following a quiet couple of years, Lou seems to be coming back to his usual passionate self.

In recent times has had some heated words for British promoter Eddie Hearn who intends to operate in the same market as DiBella moving forward (US boxing market).

DiBella promotes WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder who returns to action this weekend against Bermane Stiverne at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Speaking ahead of the fight, DiBella brought up the contentious topic of doping in boxing which has seen various fights fall out for his boxer Deontay Wilder:

“Like there needs to be a clean boxing program. Guys shouldn’t be allowed to cheat. They are putting other people’s lives at risk.”

He added:

“They don’t do it because they’re confident in themselves. They don’t do it because they’re great champions. They don’t do it because they’re fair athletes. They don’t. It’s not easy all the time to go on social media no mater how confident you are in you’re own ability, no matter how much you do the right things consistently. It’s not an easy thing to read about yourself getting criticised because of stuff that’s no fault of your own.”

Drugs in boxing and anti-doping measures continue to become a more and more highlighted issue not just in the US, but in world boxing.