Police Make Embarrassing Error On Illegal Joshua Takam Stream

An illegal Joshua Takam stream mix up was made by police in the UK in one of the more bizarre stories in boxing.

Like any major sporting event, this weekend’s heavyweight title event in Cardiff between Anthony Joshua and Carlos Takam had to contend with a number of illegal online streams.

However, one such stream it has been reported by The Mirror tricked users into clicking on it only for a user to then be taken to a porn website before the event started.

In fact, the Avon and Somerset Police’s Operational Support Team were found to have actually re-tweeted the link by accident to help promote it.

The force have since issued a statement saying the actions were a result of “human error.”

The fight itself went out legally to millions around the world between Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and Ireland and Showtime Sports in the US.

Pay per view sports events have been streamed illegally more and more in recent years as the battle between rights holders and streaming platforms continues to go on.

A battle that has perhaps gone on for more than a decade now on the internet at this stage.

UFC President Dana White recently said that the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match in August of last in Las Vegas was the: “most pirated sports event of all time.”