Anthony Joshua Wants To Do Something Mike Tyson Could Not

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua wants to surpass a legend of the ring in a way unique to him. Speaking ahead of his latest fight.

Mike Tyson and Anthony Joshua comparisons have been brought up before perhaps to the similarities in fight styles but as Joshua has admitted himself, they are were pre-mature.

The current heavyweight champion is just in the beginning stages of his heavyweight championship era and has a long, long way to go.

Tyson for his part has spoken respectfully of Joshua when asked questions of him to date.

In the run up to his fight tonight with Carlos Takam, Joshua has spoke of how he wants to unify all the belts in the heavyweight division over the coming years.

Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history but Joshua has pointed out that he can surpass him in unifying the division with all the belts.

Speaking to Ron Lewis of The Times, Joshua spoke of how during Tyson’s era certain titles did not exist:

“No one has won four belts at heavyweight. When Tyson was champion the WBO didn’t exist.”

The above would depend on how much one values the belts really. Some might say that the fighters faced and calibre of opposition is much more important.

Either way you look at it – Joshua has a long, long way to go to surpassing Mike Tyson in any single way.

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