Anthony Joshua Height and Weight Advantage Over Takam Considerable

The Anthony Joshua height and weight advantages will prove to be the main obstacle for Carlos Takam tonight in Cardiff.

Frenchman Carlos Takam is a heavyweight who likes to come forward and be aggressive for the most part.

Upon watching previous fights and looking at his career resume in pro boxing, he is definitely a fighter who likes to go for the finish if it presents itself.

That style of boxing could very well play into his opponent Anthony Joshua’s hands tonight however – who is of a similar fighting mindset.

But, what is it they say, a good big man always beats a good small man?

Well, if this is the case, Takam could be in a whole pile of trouble. Lets have a quick look at the tale of the tape.

28 year old Joshua weighed in at 18 stone 2lbs while Takam came in at 16 stone 11lbs. Almost a stone and a third weight advantage.

But the Anthony Joshua height and reach advantage is perhaps more significant. As Takam if he’s to have any chance of springing the upset – will need to get in close to his man tonight.

Standing at 6’6 with an 82′ reach, Joshua will tower over the 6’1 Takam who has a slightly lesser reach of 80.5′.

If the fight does get close up and Joshua leans on the smaller Takam with his weight advantage, this could drain the challenger early on.

Overall, the Anthony Joshua height and weight advantages are fairly considerable tonight with it being an uphill battle for Takam one suspects.

On paper at least.

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