Insane Knockout In Scotland Sees Fighter Fall Out Of The Ring

Insane Knockout

An insane knockout last weekend that appears to have come from Scotland could be up there as won of the most chilling in recent amateur history.

Scary knockouts seem to be becoming somewhat of a trend online these days.

The brutal reality of one of the oldest sports out there has seen some really bone chilling KOs and goes to show that no matter what health precautions can be taken, even in 2017, boxing is and always will be a dangerous sports for its brave participants.

Devastatingly dangerous-looking KOs are arguably racking up more views than ever before and we have another prime example right here:

Information on the video is sketchy. But there are a couple of things we know.

Courtesy of Twitter user Stevie_Falkirk we see a couple of young fighters engaging in an amateur contest of some sort.

The action is quickly halted when the fighter in blue (tagged in the original post as Twitter user morrison_adam) produces a sensational overhand right.

Knocking his opponent completely unconscious, clean out of the ring and out onto the hard floor below.

What happened to the young fighter who suffered the blow after this is unclear. But, what we do know, is that this shot is in clear contention for Knockout of the Year 2017.