Anthony Joshua Opens Up On What Motivates Him In Boxing

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua opens up on what really drives him in the sport and what keeps him on his toes and grounded.

This weekend Joshua returns to action against Carlos Takam in front of at least 75,000 fans in a stadium fight in Cardiff, Wales.

Joshua has already earned quiet a bit of money out of boxing since turning pro after winning the Olympic Games back in 2012.

He left it 14 months after that before turning pro with promoters Matchroom Sport. Thus far he has shown a ferocious work ethic to achieve what he has.

Ahead of his fight with Takam when speaking on a TV show on Sky Sports with hosts Kacqueline and Remel, when asked about money and fame motivating him Joshua was quick to dismiss both.

Anthony Joshua opens up about his motivation in the fight game today by saying:

“What I love about my sport is that people say it’s a sport but for me. It’s more of a lifestyle. It’s not a sport. You don’t just go to gym, bang out one or two rounds on the bag or pads and go out after. No. You gotta live it. Go home. Watch it. Wake up. Train. Sleep it. Wake up. Do you know what I mean? It’s actually a lifestyle.”

He continued:

“You have to stay grounded because there is some guy that’s keeping it gutter who’s coming up. As you start living a lavish life style, this guy who’s grinding is going to come and take everything you have been working for.”

Joshua’s fight this weekend is expected to start at approximately 10pm local time in the UK. That works out as 5pm ET and 2pm PT in the US.

The fight will be shown on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and Ireland. It will be carried live on Showtime in the US.