Boxer Refuses To Enter The Ring and Announcer Confirms Suspension

An American boxer refuses to fight at the last minute prompting one of the more unusual scenes in recent boxing history.

This incident may take some back to a famous occasion where heavyweight Andrew Golota once refused to box on in between rounds and essentially stopped boxing entirely.

Prompting the referee to wave off the fight and his corner men to berate him for his actions.

However, last night in the US something even a bit more strange happened.

Before any boxing got underway whatsoever, before a single punch was thrown, a boxer apparently had got to the stage of having his gloves put on and being all ready to go, when at the very last minute, he refused to enter the ring.

While it is not clear who the boxer was last night fighting on a professional show in Durham, what was known was his opponent was heavyweight Hasim Rahman Jr.

Son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman who famously won the title with an emphatic knockout over all time great Lennox Lewis.

Here’s the moment it happened last night as caught by one Twitter user (hat tip Twitter account @licensed2hustle):

Certainly an odd moment that took many off guard.