Iron-Chinned Amateur Boxer Goes Viral After Parking Lot Brawl

A parking lot brawl appears to show an amateur fighter have an almost superhuman chin and level of absorbing punishment.

As a matter of safety I must emphasise that boxing matches should only take place in a safe environment, in a ring, preferably with a referee enforcing the action and an experienced medical team on standby.

These general rules of thumb, however, did not stop these two fighters going to blows:

In the video two men – both of whom clearly have some experience in the fight game – trade shots in a parking lot. Thankfully they made the wise decision to wear appropriate gloves.

The combatant in the white shorts is clearly the younger, fresher of the two. Landing the cleaner and heavier blows to his older opponent.

But what makes this video such a compelling watch is just how much punishment his opponent is able to absorb.

The fighter in the dark blue shorts take a lengthy barrage of shorts to the head that could have made even the hardest of professionals wobble a little.

Still, he continues to come forward.

At around the two minute mark it becomes clear the younger man has gassed himself out.

In a miraculous turnaround the older, heavier tattooed gentleman lands a pair of body shots which force his opponent to take a knee and, presumably, lose the fight.

He may have thrown in a couple of sucker punches while his opponent was down on the concrete, which begs the question just how personal the rivalry was between these two, but it’s pretty clear from the expression on the fallen man’s face the fight is over.

It’s not safe, it’s not logical and it certainly isn’t legal. But it’s an entertaining watch.

Kids? Don’t try this at home.

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