What Danny Jacobs Told Next Opponent Luis Arias Face To Face

Former middleweight champion Danny Jacobs is usually a more reserved and humble type but went against that this week with some rare trash talk.

‘The Miracle Man’ got his nickname as a hard a way as anyone could fathom, in sport or in life.

He came through life threatening cancer to not only beat the illness but return to a sport as gruelling as professional boxing.

Not only that, but he went on to become a world champion no less.

Last time out in an excellent fight with middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin earlier in 2017, Jacobs pushed the champion all the way in one of the hardest fights of GGG’s career.

Indeed, some people thought Jacobs may have deserved to get the nod that night.

Whatever your opinion is on how the fight was scored there’s no denying that Danny Jacobs is one of the very best middleweight fighters in the world at the moment.

He has now joined a new promoter in the form of Eddie Hearn from Britain and appears to already be doing a bit more ‘promoting’ ahead of his next scheduled bout.

Speaking at an open media gathering outside in New York, Danny Jacobs enthused to his opponent face to face that:

“You better take advantage. You’re going to have to. Right, I’m not running but see you need me to stay there in order to fight me. I’m going to box and I’m going to do whatever I do. But there ain’t nothing you can do inside there. Yeah, we going to find out bro. I’m trying to be a gentleman but he’s bringing the Brownsville out of me today!”

Jacobs from Brownsville, New York, comes from a tough background in the same neighbourhood that one Mike Tyson also came from in inner city New York.

The former middleweight champion takes on Luis Arias on November 11th at the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York live on HBO.