What Golovkin Told Promoter After The Canelo Fight

What Gennady Golovkin told his promoter Tom Loeffler following his draw with Canelo Alvarez at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Some time has passed now on what was a fantastic fight between two of boxing’s premier middleweights in the world today.

Indeed, both Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez put on a show that excited fans in attendance and the world over who were watching on TV.

Yesterday the WBC (World Boxing Council) confirmed they have ordered the immediate rematch to take place (note: Golovkin also holds the IBO, IBF and WBA world middleweight titles.)

Speaking to ES News at the WBC Convention, Golovkin’s promoter spoke of what his fighter intimated to him in the aftermath of the first fight with Canelo Alvarez:

“He said that he felt he won the fight, Abel (his trainer) thought he won the fight. He was disappointed with the judging. That would be the only knock on the event is that the kind of you know, the wide scoring there. But it could have been a lot worst. If it were two judges that way then it would have been a disaster. He still has all his titles. He’s still the unified champion. He’s not disappointed in his performance – he’s just disappointed with the judging and he thinks that’s a bad reflection on the sport.”

Negotiations are currently understood to be underway for the rematch likely to take place next May. Where the fight will take place however remains to be seen.

Following their first fight Golovkin’s pro record moved to 37-0-1-33KO while Canelo’s moved to 49-1-2-34KO.

For the full interview above with Tom Loeffler check it out here on ES News YouTube:

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