An ESPN Boxing Glitch That Needs To Be Sorted On New Top Rank Deal

A look back at an eventful ESPN boxing card that saw Top Rank roll continue their new ESPN boxing deal with two world title fights.

Last night was another great night for boxing – we got to see Top Rank stable fighters in full force.

The female fighter Mayer looked impressive and moved to 2-0. The ‘Mean Machine’ Kavaliauskas take a good step up and showed he’s not just a puncher, but a good boxer also.

Then there was the new future sensation Michael Conlan.

He took his opponent out in spectacular fashion in two rounds.

Of course Ramirez vs Hart was everything you could have wanted for in a fight too, next up on the bill.

Ramirez showed us why he’s the champion and reminded us of just how skillful he is. Hart’s stock went up getting up off the canvas and refusing to quit.

He pushed forward and even made a comeback. Showing that true Philadelphia fighter grit – while his father and former top contender Eugene “Cyclone” Hart was sat ringside.

Finally in the main event the champion Oscar Valdez got everything he could handle against challenger Servania.

Back to back knockdowns ensured.

They were trading shots – plenty of give and take and by the 12th round everyone in the house was on their feet.

Oscar Valdez’ hand was raised and the hometown champion got a standing ovation while keeping his promise to return home and put on a title fight.

However I fear that until ESPN fix the programming problem of last minute channel changing this could hurt the sport a little.

Even on the ESPN app there were issues if you set your DVR – it either stopped or recorded another program.

I understand they have obligations to MLB & College Football but this last minute changes hurts the fighters.

As a supporter of the sport regardless of who it is, I want them to get as much notoriety as possible and for that I pray ESPN resolves this issue.

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