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Bemused Fans React To Rio Ferdinand Boxing Foray

Fans around the world react to the Rio Ferdinand boxing adventure that will see the former soccer player step into the ring.

The Rio Ferdinand boxing story came as a bit of an odd one when it first broke last night but after the former international soccer player confirmed the news this morning, it’s a bizarre reality that boxing fans and indeed general sports fans are trying to get their hands around.

Many will remember Cricket player Freddie Flintoff having a stab off professional boxing a few years back and enlisted the help of Barry and Shane McGuigan for his once off fight.

He won on the night and it did bring some added eyeballs to boxing for a short time – but afterwards it was quickly forgotten about in truth and life moved on.

Likely will be the case with this Rio Ferdinand boxing endeavour but credit to him for stepping in there.

Here is the pick of some of the reaction so far to the strange news: