Story Emerges Of How Top Rank Exec Warned About Adalaide Byrd

Boxing judge Adalaide Byrd was known to boxing and MMA promoters for making bad calls in the passed as this promoter’s story shows.

Carl Moretti who works for leading boxing promoter Top Rank let an interesting tweet fly in the aftermath of the Golovkin vs Canelo fight this weekend.

The name Adalaide Byrd is now well known to perhaps every boxing fan around the world at this stage following her scoring of this weekend’s bout 8 rounds in favor of Canelo Alvarez over Gennady Golovkin.

But it turns out there was warning made about her before.

Moretti below points out how his promotional outfit had reservations of the appointment of Adalaide Byrd before one of Top Rank’s fights:

Subsequently after this weekend’s bout between Golovkin and Canelo, Golovkin trainer Abel Sanchez also said in the post-fight press conference that he made his feelings known well in advance of the bout, in that he had doubts over the appointment of Adalaide Byrd in the first place.

Everyone can have a bad night at their job at the end of the day.

But going on the above and Sanchez’ remarks after the bout, it appears this was not the first time that Adalaide Byrd gave reason for question in scoring a fight.