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Canelo vs GGG How Much Money Will They Make? Here’s How Much

Canelo vs GGG how much money will they make in tonight’s boxing? A look at the fighter purses and other possible income streams.

The guaranteed bare minimum amount both fighters have been promised to the Commission regulating the fight is a combined $8 million between them.

But they’ll make much, much more.

The disclosed figures to the Nevada State Athletic Commission say Gennady Golovkin will earn $3 million for his fight purse and Saul Alvarez will earn $5 million.

Indeed they will. But that’s just their disclosed purse.

Tonight’s event sells for $69.99 (SD) and $79.99 (HD) on pay per view in the US and the event will also be shown in theatres across the country, with millions expected to buy.

That’s not to mention the international pay per view sales and TV rights fees they’ve negotiated in the different territories across the globe.

On top of this don’t forget all the merchandising for the event, the (likely) site fee that was paid by the T-Mobile Arena to host the event tonight who more than likely were competing in a bidding war with other arenas to stage the event, the sponsorship of the event by the likes of Tecate, Chivas and Hennessy and of course the fact the event was a complete sellout with tickets weeks ago.

A split between the two co-promoters would have been agreed beforehand between K2 Promotions (Golovkin’s promoter) and Golden Boy Promotions (Canelo’s promoter) pertaining to what percentage of the income overall would go to both fighters.

The TV companies and promoters would then take their percentage of the overall pot outside of this (while baring many costs of course), with both fighters paying their own taxes, trainers, camp expenses and other costs.

Likely, you’d expect (after tax) Canelo to walk away with more, given his larger fan-base in the US and Mexico which probably secured him the bigger split percentage or as some might say, made him the ‘A-Side’ guy.

Before tax I’d be shocked if Canelo didn’t pocket at least $30 million from tonight and Golovkin at least $20 million given the size of the event – and that’s been realistic.

This is a huge, huge event across the US and Mexico and indeed, worldwide:


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