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Marcos Chino Maidana Clearly Enjoying Retirement

This picture of former world champion Marcos Chino Maidana clearly shows the Argentinian warrior is having a good retirement.

Marcos Chino Maidana, a name that when fight fans hear it, one that typically makes them think a couple of things.

What an entertaining warrior he was who always gave value for money in a fun-filled fight career, when he dropped Adrien Broner and when he gave Floyd Mayweather all he could handle in their first fight.

Indeed, Marcos Chino Maidana went on to have two fights with Mayweather in total – generating two significant pay days for the Argentinian pugilist.

Now retired, a picture that has surface on Boxing Hype Instagram (hat tip) clearly shows he’s enjoying it – fair play to him:

He’s a real fan favorite is Maidana.

His care-free attitude in life and during his boxing career made him a man of the people with boxing fans.

In the run up to his fights with Mayweather he cared little for the magnitude of the occasion or what Mayweather had achieved as a boxer.

He just wanted to get in there and have a brawl.

Lets take a quick trip down memory lane on what was one of Floyd Mayweather’s toughest ever assignments in the ring:

(Hat tip Jonathan Gomez YouTube)