This McGregor uppercut took Floyd Mayweather by surprise early on in their fight as the Irishman countered the counter puncher.

The combat sports world was shocked in the early rounds of the fight when Conor McGregor actually won some rounds against Floyd Mayweather.

His awkward style and use of distance frustrated Mayweather early on, as well as some clean shots landing for the Irishman.

Obviously the result was never in doubt in the end as Floyd seemed to turn it on when he wanted to after round four.

But say what you want about Conor McGregor – this was a sweet uppercut that went in on Floyd early on:

Punch stats after the fight showed that McGregor for the ten rounds he lasted with Mayweather managed to land more shots on the American than Manny Pacquiao did back in 2015.

ESPN and HBO commentator Max Kellerman who said McGregor would not win a single round before the fight has since went back on his words and praised McGregor for being an outstanding fighter and competitor, and that it was amazing he even went ten rounds on his pro boxing debut.

Time will tell if McGregor chooses to enter a boxing ring again.

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