Dana White Reacts To De La Hoya ‘F*** Mayweather-McGregor’ Outburst

UFC President Dana White reacts to De La Hoya coming out with the public rip of his event on it’s eve of taking place.

Oscar De La Hoya came out of left field yesterday with a bizarre last minute attack on the Mayweather vs McGregor event tonight when he tweeted out:

“F*** you #MayweathervsMcGregor”

Promoter of the event Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe pointed out during the week that his promotional company never partake in knocking other promoters’ events and mentioned on De La Hoya you never know what he’s saying as according to Ellerbe as he is:

“All over the place.”

Dana White has given his reaction to the strange tweet on Twitter by saying:

White prior to this event has always seemed to have time for De La Hoya, but it will be unclear what their relationship will be after the back and forth shots leading up to this event going forward.

Oscar is promoting an event tonight headlined by legendary Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto that will take place at the Stub Hub Center in California which no doubt has been overshadowed due to the media frenzy surrounding Mayweather vs McGregor.