The Canelo Irish Connection – A Mexican With Irish Characteristics

A more light-hearted boxing article looking at how a Canelo Irish connection wouldn’t surprise one writer in the slightest.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is a name that screams out Irish!

Okay it doesn’t, but everything about the man should appeal to Irish boxing fans after all, apart from his name that obviously needs an O’ in front of Alvarez (O’Alvarez has a nice ring), he has all the classic Irish characteristics that could and should make him a Celtic fighting icon.

Let’s conveniently forget the fact that he is a proud Mexican for a second.

Freckles, check. A ginger mane, check. The ability to fight, check.

“There might have been an Irish grandfather somewhere there in my past.”

Said Alvarez one time. Holy smokes, that’s good enough for me at least.

Canelo if you’re Irish come into the pub there’s a welcome there for you. Canelo as a fighter and boxer gets a new deal at only 27 and with over 40 professional bouts, his resume speaks for itself and is better than most in the sport today.

Canelo really doesn’t get the respect he deserves but this could be easily remedied with a swift application in the post for an passport with the famous gold embossed harp on the front, a few high profile appearances in the land of his ancestors and old red would have the might of the Celtic boxing nation behind him as he steadfastly marches towards victory against middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin, and after that, who knows, possible boxing immortality from County Cork all the way to County Donegal.

So Canelo, the passport with the gold embossed harp is waiting to wing its way to Mexico as we speak – just say the word and send a self addressed envelope.

Cead Mile Failte.

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