Irishman Comes Up With Addictively Good Mayweather McGregor Song

It’s a big fight, a big event no doubt. Now there’s actually even a Mayweather McGregor song ahead of August 26th’s fistic festivities.

In a little over two weeks Las Vegas will be once again swamped by the McGregor army of loyal Irish fans – who have travelled to the fight capital of the world before to cheer on their man in his UFC bouts.

They’ll be watching an all together different spectacle this time round however, but no doubt will carry the same cheerful intensity and passion with them that they always do.

Irish people for anyone who’s ever been to our great little country will tell you are some of the most friendly and sociable you’ll come across.

We’re a race to like to globe trot perhaps as much as any and with a staggering 33 million Irish-Americans now calling the US home these days (nearly 7 times the actual population of Ireland), McGregor will once again be fighting in a home away from home.

Kildare native Mick Konstantin is known for coming out with songs around Irish sporting events in the past – but this Mayweather McGregor song perhaps takes the cake:

I must have listened to it about twenty times already today. Right, that’s enough of this tune for one day!