On The Rise and One To Watch: Christian Carto 10 – 0 (10KO)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been an everlasting pillar, supporting a bridge that has lead numerous fighters to emerge at the pinnacle of Boxing; in terms of both excitement and toughness.

There’s no secret regarding the tenacity, durability, stamina and overall – the dedicated work ethic from boxers who embarked their journey in the “city of brotherly love”.

Fighters like Walcott, Harding, Robinson, Hopkins and the late Joe Frazier are only a handful of the cities past talents, who treated the sport with memorable fights, yet the face of Philly has a new pugilist who is making noise in the bantamweight division.

On top of the entertaining fighters listed from the past, there’s one name that has been involved with the sweet science for decades; one that’s not so unfamiliar around the northeast side of the states.

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Carto, a family that lives and breathes boxing, has significant history regarding both amateur and professional boxing. Carrying the name today, walking a path similar to his grandfather and uncles; Christian Carto embarks his professional boxing career by winning ten bouts in row, all by knockout victory, all within his first year as a professional.

christian carto

Boxing News and Views had the pleasure of interviewing Christian, who will resume his mission on August 11th, fighting Philip Adyaka (7-9 -4KO) residing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, fighting at the Sugarhouse Casino, Philadelphia as the main event of the evening. We want to thank Christian and his team for providing us with their time between training.

BNV: ” This sport runs in your bloodline -having a grandfather, uncles and your brother Frankie, all with solid boxing backgrounds, so how does it feel carrying the Carto name to the professional level in this modern era of boxing?

Carto: “It’s a great feeling. My grandfather was ranked high, i believe 10th in the world, in a era with less weight divisions and only one world title. My brother Frankie and I both won amateur championships when we were younger, so it’s been really great.”

BNV: “You were recently training at the famous – Wildcard Boxing Gym in LA, can you tell us how that’ experience was?”

Carto: “It’ was a good opportunity and a very nice gym with cool and friendly people. I sparred in from of Freddie Roach a couple of times, so that was a nice experience.”

BNV: “The Sugarhouse Casino is practically your backyard, having already fought there a handful of times now. Are you excited to be the headline/main event for this bout?”

Carto: “it’s a little exciting, but I’m not thinking about it too much. I’m going in there August 11th to fight, you know what I mean?”

BNV: “Being 10-0 (10 KO) – with one fight at a time; in what ways are you trying to improve for this fight?

Carto: “I’m working on improving everything.”

BNV: “Do you have any messages, or advice for the young amateur boxers out there?”

Carto: “Work hard and focus. Whether it be boxing, school; you have to stay focused. Regarding boxing, listening to your coach is very important.”

BNV: “You and your brother, Frankie practically grew up in a boxing gym, so how old were you when you started boxing?

Carto:”I started boxing when I was 8. My first fight, I was around 11 years old. At 15 years old was when I did well at the Jr.Golden Gloves tournament in Vegas, so after that, I decided to devote all my time towards boxing”

BNV: “Is there a favorite style, or fighter of yours that you try to emulate in the ring?

Carto: “I try to take a little bit of everything from all fighters I watch. Not really trying to emulate just one particular fighter, or style.

BNV: “Obviously you’re thinking more about your career, yet the fans have been getting some great fights delivered this year, with one of them being Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin vs Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. What are your thoughts on that fight?”

Carto: ” That’s going to be a great fight and I have no idea who wins that, but I am looking forward to it. I stay neutral when it comes to fight predictions and outcomes, but it’ll be interesting to watch.”

BNV: To wrap this up, I know you have a huge support corner, so who, or what inspires you to fight?

Carto: I like boxing. I want to be known as one of the best. I’m aiming high towards winning belts and don’t have just one person inspiring me. I’ve been boxing since I was young and never stopped.

The saying “you don’t play boxing” may appear to be too cliche of a statement.

Regardless of how it sounds, the reality shows this is more than just a sport, or a business, but truly a lifestyle for remarkable athletes.

Fans may even define boxing, by naming a few legends from history, yet the name Carto – is bound to be a continuing contribution towards the chess matches, the brawls and the diversity among the sport.

Christian Carto is on the rise to keep making big statements with his fists, as he takes on Philip Adyaka for his first main event on August 11th at the Sugarhouse Casino, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

(Photos sent in by author Chris Mealey, credit : Evan Kaucher and Hard Hitting Promotions)