McGregor Fans React To Apparent Sparring Knockdown

Conor McGregor fans react after the Irishman posts a picture apparently scoring a knockdown on a boxer.

Conor McGregor as he likes to do, has gotten quite a few folks talking in the combat sports world today after posting these pictures on Instagram apparently showing him scoring a knockdown of a boxer – with referee Joe Cortez seen in the background.

Many believe that McGregor could have edited the photos in such a way to make him look good, or to simply try to attempt some mind games with Mayweather.

It’s quite the commotion the Irishman is capable of causing with just a few still photos – but surprisingly no videos of these spars tend to emerge it must be noted.

mcgregor reacts
Mike Tyson recently labelled McGregor a ‘dumb ass’ for taking the fight with Mayweather.

Perhaps what is more worrying is how some of his fans have taken some sort of bizarre confidence from the still photos – with some now thinking that he will even walk through Mayweather on August 26th:

No doubt bookmakers and Vegas alike will be rubbing their hands with glee after reading the above.

Some MMA analysts really seem to be creating a fall sense of hope for McGregor and his chances of beating Mayweather.

August 26th will bring about reality, but you have to take your hat off to McGregor for doing what no UFC fighter has done before – by stepping into a professional boxing ring with one of the top boxers of the modern era.

(Top image source and credit: Conor McGregor Instagram)