Ohara Davies Apologises To Paddy Barnes’ Wife Following Tweet

UK boxer Ohara Davies apologises to Paddy Barnes’ wife with a public statement following a controversial Tweet.

The super-lightweight from Hackney in London was involved in an online squabble with Irishman Barnes that somehow brought the latter’s wife into it.

Davies is known for his controversial remarks in the promotion of fights, although his argument with Barnes will not lead to a showdown in the ring ever given the vast difference in size and weight between the two boxers.

Davies has released the following apology statement on Twitter today for his actions:

Barnes’ good friend and fellow boxer Carl Frampton gave this reaction to Davies’ apology tweet:

From a boxing perspective, Davies is currently coming off his first loss having been stopped inside the distance by Scotsman Josh Taylor recently.

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It was an immense performance from Taylor that showed Davies still has much experience to gain in the pro ranks and much development to do as a pro.

25 year old Davies is currently 15-1-12KO as a professional.

In case you missed Davies’ fight with Taylor recently in what turned out to be one of the best fights between two prospects in some time – you can check it out on YouTube here: