Video Shows How Fan Sneaked Into Mayweather McGregor Presser

mayweather mcgregor presser

The Mayweather McGregor presser in London proved to be a glitz and glamour affair but one fan managed to blag his way in.

The Mayweather McGregor presser got the world talking throughout the international tour and was capped off with a final stop in the UK’s capital of London.

One fan called Zac Alsop proved to have outsmarted all the security in London however. Doing so with a fake media credential and a video that has gone viral since.

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What made his fiendishly clever scheme all the more impressive was the fact he was able to video the entire thing so well and put together a running commentary in the after match of the event.

In the video he walks his viewers through step by step what happened – in terms of how exactly he pulled off the undercover operation.

Here is how Zac Alsop infiltrated the Mayweather McGregor presser in London:

What a genius. An evil genius, if you will.

No doubt the organisers of the final press conference to come during fight week in August will be watching out for him after this.

What a man. Hats off to him. When you’re good you’re good, as they say.