Watch: Mayweather Confirms McGregor Will Be Final Fight

Floyd Mayweather confirms McGregor bout on August 26th will definitely be his final fight in which he is looking to go 50-0.

Since getting back into training Floyd Mayweather has admitted that he’s not the fighter he once was. It’s understandable at his age, in truth.

The more and more he’s been training the more he’s realized how tough it is.

Some have suggested that this could be the very first time in the legendary Mayweather career, that he might be struggling to get motivated to train.

Even if that is the case, surely a somewhat in shape Mayweather who is fit to box twelve rounds will have too much skill, ring IQ and ability for a novice professional boxer.

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Bookmakers continue to give McGregor a shot, though.

Boxers over the years have always retired and un-retired. It’s not something new. Mayweather himself has retired and un-retired in the past.

But speaking to Fight Hype, after August 26th, he confirmed enough is enough:

“It’s my last one. I can’t. I thought this is what I wanted but it’s rough. It’s rough. I know (it’s the last one). It’s the last one ladies and gentleman. I can’t. It’s gruelling. It’s gruelling. It’s too much.”

For the full interview on Fight Hype YouTube check it out here: