McGregor v Mayweather; Just Enjoy The Madness

White: It's Time For Mayweather

Boxing writer and PR agent Tim Rickson from the UK gives his thoughts on the McGregor v Mayweather boxing showdown this August.

Of course, it’s a complete mis-match and McGregor has no chance of winning, I think every boxing fan knows that. If this was Top Trumps, Mayweather would have a skill level of 99 and McGregor, let’s say, 10.

However, instead of being angry or offended by this money-making fight, I’d advise everyone to just embrace it and enjoy the madness.

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The two biggest stars of their respective sports are meeting in the ring in what will be an intriguing fight, if nothing else.

I won’t be staying up or paying out to watch it but I will enjoy the build-up involving two colourful, big, larger than life characters.

It will be interesting and entertaining, and it will be funny to listen to all the UFC fans stating their case for a McGregor victory!

I’ve already heard crazy things like:

“McGregor is an awkward southpaw and Mayweather struggles with southpaws.”

Despite beating, arguably, the greatest southpaw in boxing history!”

I’ve already learnt not to reply to those comments and just to enjoy the madness.¬†And that is the best advice I can give to anyone on McGregor v Mayweather, just enjoy the madness!

(Some have even been speculating about what if McGregor knocks out Mayweather):