How Carl Froch Responded To Groves Winning World Title Shows True Sportsmanship

carl froch responded

How Carl Froch responded to George Groves finally winning the world title shows why boxing is such a special sport at heart.

It’s no secret that former world champion Carl Froch and current world champ George Groves shared one of the most bitter boxing rivalries in recent sweet science memory.

Dating back to their first fight, the bout was stopped in controversial circumstances in Froch’s favor following Groves putting Froch on the canvas with one of the biggest right hands of his career – and proceeding to dominate Froch for the next five rounds or so.

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What ensued was palpable hatred on Froch’s part for Groves who then shared the ring a second time again with him in front of 80,000 people at Wembley stadium.

A record that was only eclipsed recently by Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko for the heavyweight title that sold a gigantic 90,000 tickets.

Froch left no doubt in the second fight – knocking Groves out with a perfect straight right hand.

Despite the dislike between Froch and Groves that has gone on in recent years since, Carl Froch, who was commentating on Groves world title win last weekend – reacted with this encouraging response when he saw his old rival fulfil his dream:

A touch of class and excellent sportsmanship, showing boxing, despite the intense rivalries it can create – still remains a sport where it’s competitors have respect for one another at it’s inner most core.