Watch: Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua Meet For The First Time

Boxing stars Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua meet for the first time and exchange words about a certain fight.

Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua in many ways represent the end and beginning of two different eras in the sport of boxing.

Following his recent win over former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, many now believe Joshua to already be the biggest global star in the sport of boxing.

Some could argue that Canelo is certainly the bigger star in the Untied States and Mexico, sure.

But from a worldwide perspective and due to the fact the UK is pretty much the capital of boxing these days and the fact Joshua is heavyweight champion – you’d have to give him the edge in star status these days over Canelo from a worldwide perspective surely.

Floyd Mayweather is not officially retired just yet of course and is still a big name in boxing. A fight with a certain Conor McGregor is what looms on the horizon for him now as he goes for a 50-0 record.

Joshua has not fought in the US yet as a pro and recently said he is not in a rush to either. He has the ability to sell 90,000 tickets in the UK – so could you blame him?

Not really in my opinion. He’s the one calling the shots these days.

Speaking to Floyd Mayweather for the first time in person this weekend, he told the American however to get him on the McGregor undercard if the fight does happen:

(Hat tip: IFL TV)