Barry Hearn: Anthony Joshua Could Develop Literally Into The Unbeatable Monster Of Heavyweight Boxing

Barry Hearn has the highest of high praises for Anthony Joshua following his TKO win of Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley.

Promoter Barry Hearn has been involved in the sport of boxing for many a year now, even getting inducted into the International Hall of Fame a few years back for his contribution to the sport.

His son Eddie Hearn is now the man banging the boxing drum for his promotional company Matchroom Sport based in London, UK.

Barry Hearn as a promoter is obviously going to big things up when it comes to boxers for Matchroom, as would he selling any of his sports be it snooker, golf or darts.

But this praise bestowed on Joshua is possibly the highest we’ve come across yet since his win over Klitschko.

Speaking to Bet Fred, Hearn said:

“There’s lots of improvement to make. Already he is the number one. I mean he could, if he learns which I believe he is capable of doing, I think he could develop literally into the unbeatable monster of heavyweight boxing and that’s going to be worth watching – and there’s plenty out there to challenge him.” 

High praises there, what do you think? Do you agree with Barry Hearn’s view of Joshua’s potential or do you think he is going a bit overboard?

As always, let us know you’re opinions on social media. For the full interview above check it out here via Betfred YouTube (hat tip):