Who Is The Best Heavyweight Boxer In The World?

Following Anthony Joshua’s win over Klitschko who is the best heavyweight boxer in the world? Joshua? Tyson Fury? Someone else?

With the heavyweight division exploding after Saturday’s emphatic display at Wembley stadium, I believe there is one way to answer who is really the number one heavyweight.

Anthony Joshua and Klitschko showed us on Saturday why heavyweight boxing is still the greatest of all the divisions.

The drama, excitement and not to mention the knockout power, is what draws so many into the beauty of pugilism as fans in the first place.

Now the debate has started as to who is the official heavyweight king.

Quiet rightly, Tyson Fury by many is still the number one king, but Joshua has an equal claim to that mantle after Saturday’s performance – which entertained the masses more than Fury did in Germany to be fair.

Then you have the other two official world champions in (WBC) Deontay Wilder and (WBO) Joseph Parker, who both have their own fans clambering into the debate to put forward why their man is the official number one.

As you can see, it’s a huge cluster of noise and it can give you a right headache to even try making sense of it. Especially if you’re new to the politics of boxing – which brings me to how I would decide who is number one.

I would have a mega night of boxing with all four fighters on the bill to answer the question. Plain and simple.

Joshua vs Wilder and Fury vs Parker. Two massive main event cards that would then lead (agreed to beforehand hypothetically) to a winner takes all blockbuster scenario.

I understand that this would be a huge ask and the logistics that would need to go into providing such an event would be immense – never mind the multiple promoters and TV companies involved.

They would all have to work together but could you imagine seeing such an event?

It would also put to bed the question that will continue to cause the biggest argument across every internet page, pub, bar, café across the boxing world for the rest of 2017.

In conclusion, I put two simple questions to you:

  • Who is the best heavyweight boxer in the world?
  • How would you organize the fights to decide it?

Let us know you’re thoughts on social media!