Tyson Fury Has Fight Day Message For Both Joshua and Klitschko

Tyson Fury has fight day recording for both fighters ahead of their massive showdown at Wembley stadium tonight in London, England.

Fury has been back training this week for the first time properly in some while. He’s been seen jogging alongside Billy Joe Saunders in Spain, as well as working the pads this week:

Granted Fury is not anywhere near fight shape yet, but the hand speed and skills still seem to be there judging from the above clip.

For the last few weeks Fury has been vocal on social media about the Joshua vs Klitschko fight to put it mildly. He’s blasted both fighters through his tweets, memes, videos and photo edits.

However today on the day of the fight his true colours on what he really wants to happen in the fight have come out.

Here he sends Joshua a message of support and rips into Klitschko with some rather choice language:


If Joshua gets past Klitschko tonight and the fight between Fury and Joshua does materialize in the future, expect it to be even bigger than tonight’s massive event.