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Mike Tyson On Anthony Joshua vs Klitschko

The youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history Mike Tyson on Anthony Joshua vs Klitschko, his breakdown and more.

Perhaps few fighters are more qualified to know what kind of pressure Anthony Joshua is feeling tonight than ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

Joshua is still relatively inexperienced in the grand scheme of things when you consider just how big the fight is tonight.

So far the Englishman is 18-0-18KO as a pro and has been flawless in his career thus far.

So was Mike Tyson in his early days as a professional and some are even likening Joshua to having the ability to be the next Tyson.

While those claims are quite premature just yet, both guys certainly share an impressive knockout percentage and similar starts to their pro careers.

Tyson’s era in most people’s view was best in the early days when he first started out as a professional fighter.

Things went downhill after this following certain instances in his life like the passing of his mentor Cus D’Amato and his career been put on hold for years after serving a jail sentence.

Speaking with Jim Grey of Showtime here is Mike Tyson on Anthony Joshua vs Klitschko tonight (hat tip Showtime YouTube):