Report: Golovkin vs Cotto Could Be A Surprise Fight On The Cards

Golovkin vs Cotto did you say? Yes sir. This one has come a little out of left field amid speculation that Golovkin vs Canelo is close too.

As far as the middleweight division goes, the mega fight that fans have clamored for and still want to see is of course Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez.

First up for though that to have any chance of happening, Canelo Alvarez must get through the considerable challenge next week that is fellow countryman Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on May 6th at the T-Mobile Arena.

It’s a fight in many instances that fans seem to be writing off Chavez Jr in, but when you consider the size and strength advantage that he could enjoy, coupled with the terrific engine he has – it’s not going to be an easy fight for Canelo.

A potential spanner was thrown in the works recently ahead of a possible Canelo vs Golovkin fight when Canelo promoters Golden Boy mentioned they would be open to the possibility of their charge facing David Lemieux also.

Another one has come now, all be it a more interesting fight perhaps to some, against a world renowned pugilist from Puerto Rico:

Hat tip Boxing Kingdom Twitter account:

Golovkin vs Cotto while not Golovkin vs Canelo is still a fight that would sell and still an interesting match up.

Even at this late stage in Miguel Cotto’s glittering career he is still a draw, particularly in New York where Golovkin is quite popular as well.

So perhaps a Madison Square Garden showdown is what is being eyed by team GGG at the moment, should the Canelo negotiations falls though that is.