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Tony Bellew Retirement Rumors Cleared Up By ‘The Bomber’

Tony Bellew retirement rumors had been floating around the sweet science landscape but the man himself clears them up here.

Tony Bellew retirement talk did seem a bit premature upon first inspection.

Especially considering the fact he’s won the biggest fight of his career in 2017 by upsetting UK heavyweight David Haye.

It brought the Liverpool boxer and Hollywood actor a career high pay day and some had questioned how much motivation he’d have left to carry on.

Boxing’s drug-like appeal is a hard one to walk away from when a boxer is on top though.

Some rare examples the spring to mind of the modern era are Lennox Lewis, Joe Calzaghe and Floyd Mayweather who pulled it off.

As regards of fighters who left on top and on their own terms, with all their faculties intact.

Speaking to Sky Sports Facebook here the Tony Bellew retirement rumors have been cleared up by the man himself:

Who his next fight opponent will be will be interesting to see.

Some had suggested that a fight against WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder might even be on the cards for later in 2017.

While Bellew is not the biggest heavyweight in the world, nor the best which he’d probably admit himself, there is no denying he could be put into some fun fights and with his ability to talk, fan interest would most certainly be there.

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