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A Look At The Joshua vs Klitschko Odds

An short analysis of the Anthony Joshua vs Klitschko odds ahead of one of the biggest heavyweight fights in years.

Joshua vs Klitschko Odds

April 29th will see the coming together of two different eras of heavyweight boxing. Potentially the passing of the torch. So to speak.

Londoner Anthony Joshua and Ukraine native Wladimir Klitschko are currently in  final preparations ahead of what will be the highest capacity boxing match post-world War II.

It’s one of those fights that pundits and fans alike seem to have changed their minds on a bit.

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Klitschko is the more experienced of the two. By far. There is a school of thought that suggests if he turns up on form he’ll have too much skill for Joshua.

There’s also a feeling out there that Joshua is getting him at the right time.

A time where Wladimir will not have fought in over 18 months. When he did fight last time out he was out boxed by Tyson Fury so confidence could be an issue.

Joshua is a very different fighter from Fury though.

Fury’s skill set is more proven than Joshua’s at this stage in all fairness. It will be up to Joshua to raise his game to a new level against Klitschko come April 29th.

In terms of the Joshua vs Klitschko odds ahead of the fight, they make for interesting viewing. Lets have a look:

(All odds via Oddschecker.com and are subject to change)

joshua vs klitschko odds

The sports books tend to think Joshua has a slight edge at the moment. A small one at that though. Some might view the above as appealing to back Klitschko outright or as part of a parlay.

As always, the real interesting insight around opinion and what people perceive lays in the method of victory odds. Here’s what they’re pulling up:

joshua vs klitschko odds

As you can see, they seem to think Joshua inside the distance is the most likely scenario.

But a Klitschko win inside the distance isn’t out of the realms of possibility either. Joshua’s toughest test to date has been Dillian Whyte.

Although Whyte did test the chin of Joshua, he has not taken blows from anyone remotely like Wladimir Klitschko. The two have sparred together years ago but sparring is sparring.

This will be a whole different ball game.

Joshua will have renowned trainer Rob McCracken in his corner who no doubt is working on a special game plan for Klitschko. One that most likely will need to get off to a fast start.