How Mike Tyson Scared The Living Crap Out Of Charlie Murphy With A Pet Lion

Mike Tyson scared the absolute crap out of comedian Charlie Murphy one time in a story only crazy enough to befit Tyson in his hey day.

We stumbled across this story for the first time this week and man, even by Mike Tyson stories from back in the day, it’s pretty wild.

The legendary heavyweight champion became the youngest (and still to this day) heavyweight champion of all time.

Going from some of the harshest poverty to the most extreme fame and fortune at a young age. He was known to be a big spender on lavish gifts and even exotic pets like tigers.

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But we didn’t know he owned a pet lion at one time.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience comedian Charlie Murphy elaborated further on what he came across one day at a Mike Tyson residence:

“One time I went to his house. There was five or six limos and nobody was getting out of the limos. I said, hey, how come nobody is getting out of the cars? They said hey, you don’t see a lion standing over there? There was a lion in the front yard, loose. He (Tyson) was on the steps like this (hands on hips) with the heavyweight belt. He was saying how come nobody wants to get out of the car and play with my cats? No man, no. That’s not a cat that’s a lion! It was off the leash. It was in the yard. Then he came out and started wrestling with him.”

As far as nutty stories involving boxers go, possibly one of the nuttiest?

The thing is too, with Tyson, you know they are all true. Thankfully today Mike is living a more peaceful and mellow life with a lot less chaos and pain in it.

He seems to have a lot more peace of mind and happiness over recent years. For the full story on how Mike Tyson scared the living crap out of Charlie Murphy with a lion here it is in his own words: