Amazing Steve Harvey Boxing Special Segment Twins Show Off Fight Skills On TV

This Steve Harvey boxing special segment on TV with these two little guys is pure Gold. Two future world champions in the making!

We love to watch out for up and coming talent in the sport of boxing here at Boxing News and Views, but it’s not very often you get to see little guys this young with such awesome skills who pack a punch.

On a lighter note, this past weekend on US TV on a Steve Harvey boxing special segment he brought on two guests that simply stole the show on ‘Little Big Shots’.

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Harvey is more than put through his paces by these two youngsters below, on the pads, on the skipping rope, with them even doing pull ups at one stage.

Move over Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao – the future of the sport looks to be very bright indeed:

A good watch on an idol Monday afternoon for anyone in need of any motivation. The above clip has already caused a massive wave since airing.

Critics of the sport of boxing like to often blow on about how the sport is on decline, like they have really since the mid sixties when you go back to the origin of the term ‘boxing is dead’.

However with up and coming youngsters like the above this the sport will never die. Plain and simple.