Sergey Kovalev Really Struggling To Conceal His Contempt For Andre Ward

Sergey Kovalev really struggling to hold back his opinion of Andre Ward as the pair’s rematch media tour kicked off in New York.

Russian knockout machine Sergey ‘Krusher’ Kovalev comes across as a fairly straight up dude, so to speak. If he likes you you’re in his good books but if he doesn’t, he seems to have no problem in coming out and saying it to you.

Although he’s been on some antagonising duties in recent weeks against American light-heavyweight maestro Andre Ward, there now seems like there is some genuine intent behind it.

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Perhaps the quote of the day at today’s media announcement in New York for the rematch was caught by journalist Chris Mannix who quoted Kovalev as saying:

You really get the feeling that he means it too, by the ways he says it there. So to the point. He really just wants to hit the guy.

Indeed, that violent intent has translated into some fan-friendly knockouts over the years but I’d imagine Andre Ward will be taking notes of all these little jibes at the moment.

Using them as added motivation in the gym.

For those that didn’t see the first fight and where some of that Kovalev contempt comes from, here is HBO’s highlights of the key moments in the contest: