Morales and Barrera Continue To Bury The Hatchet In Great Moment With Their Wives

Boxing legends Morales and Barrera continue to put their differences aside in this great moment between the two fighters and their wives.

Anyone remotely familiar with this history of this great sport will know of the names Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera.

Two of Mexico’s great warriors of all-time.

Multi-weight world champions who faced some of the very best competition of their era and simply put, are icons of the sport of boxing.

During their career they shared the ring with one another on multiple occasions and the rivalry and hatred they had for one another boiled over into a street fight at one point:

Full on combinations let go on each other’s chins while dressed in suits at a press conference event. It doesn’t get much more heated than that.

Even after they fought each other when most fighters tend to forget about the past and let ‘bygones be bygones’, the two for many years continued their disdain for one another in the media and among boxing circles.

But in recent years things have changed in that regard, for the better.

Morales and Barrera have actually now become very good friends and yesterday Morales shared this great moment with the two boxing legends enjoying a meal with their wives:

Good to see from Morales and Barrera. Boxing royalty.