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Why A McGregor vs Mayweather Boxing Match Could Actually Help Boxing

A McGregor vs Mayweather boxing showdown while controversial in nature, could have many positive implications for professional boxing from a bigger picture perspective.

We have been listening to the rumours of a McGregor vs Mayweather boxing get together for what seems like forever at this stage.

Boxing and UFC fans have had a long time to spar over which code they think is the superior of the two. Experts from both sports have weighed in on how they think the fight will go and the verdict appears to be leaning much more towards Mayweather than McGregor.

This writer must confess to being more of a boxing fan but still able to watch and appreciate both codes for what they are.

Boxing has enjoyed somewhat of a rise back to prominence over the past number of years particularly in Britain and Ireland, with big money fights such as Froch vs Groves and Haye vs Bellew.

There is no doubt however that UFC is the bigger draw of the two (internationally) and the way in which the events are put together manages to generate a level of excitement and interest that boxing has been missing for some time.

As a contest, I just can’t see past Mayweather no matter how I look at the match up.

Conor McGregor is clearly a phenomenal fighter and his power, speed and accuracy have taken so many fighters by surprise in the past in MMA.

The MMA octagon requires a fighter to be aware of dangers coming from a number of different sources such as take downs, kicks and punches just to name a few.

(Quick video break – a short, humorous take on a McGregor vs Mayweather boxing match)

A boxing ring is a slightly more simplified environment in that the fighter knows that the damage is going to come from their opponents’ fists.

McGregor is clearly a talented boxer but is also supremely skilled in the other areas of mixed martial arts.

Therefore his opponents cannot simply focus on blocking punches and ignore the other threats the Crumlin man possesses.

Mayweather has perfected the art of defensive fighting down through the years and has dealt well with big punchers such as Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto and Diego Corrales in the past.

People may point to Mayweather’s age and recent inactivity as positive points for McGregor, but Mayweather has taken extended breaks in the past we must remember.

They have been without any negative effects to is in ring performances and his supreme boxing skills and experience should be way too much for McGregor on the night.

If the fight pans out how many expect with Mayweather giving a mini masterclass in defensive boxing, this could be a real catalyst for the sport of boxing.

The sheer skill and talent needed to box at the highest level is often something which is overlooked by fans and Mayweather could remind the world just how much wizardry is involved at the highest level of boxing.

It’s not called the sweet science for no reason.

A McGregor vs Mayweather boxing match will also draw a huge number of eyeballs onto the sport of boxing. Which can never be a bad thing.

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