Watch: UK Boxer Frazer Clarke Captures Moment London Terrorist Was Shot Dead

Horrific footage where British boxer Frazer Clarke witnessed and caught on camera video and sound of the gun shots that rang out into a terrorist moments after an attack.

The city of London, the UK and indeed the free world are still coming to terms with the recent terrorist attack this week in London.

A British boxer called Frazer Clarke was actually caught up in the attack it has emerged.

It isn’t often real world atrocities like this cross over into our boxing coverage. Frazer is an excellent fighter who it just so happens was caught up in this mess.

The 25 year old is a member of team GB and was going about his regular day’s training with his coach and another member of his team.

When all hell broke loose right in front of their eyes.

Frazer Clarke then proceeded to capture the moment that terrorist Khalid Masood was seen running towards police and members of the public with a knife in his hand.

Clearly intent on doing damage to innocent people.

This didn’t happen however as an armed police officer shot him dead. Here is the moment it happened and recounted in the words of boxer Frazer Clarke:

Crazy, crazy stuff.

Everyone at Boxing News and Views would like to send our deepest condolences and prayers to the people directly effected in this tragedy, as well as their friends and extended family.