Mother of Boxer Ishe Smith Children Brutally Murdered In Las Vegas

A truly horrific story involving the mother of boxer Ishe Smith kids took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA recently.

Some sad news has been reported that has caused the loss of life to the mother of the kids of boxer Ishe Smith – 39 year old Latoya Wollen.

KTNV News have reported that police reports indicate Latoya was shot in the back of the head in what appears to be an execution type murder.

There are no suspects in the case as of yet but investigations are ongoing.

It is understood that the murder took place outside a Dollar Tree store near the Flamingo Maryland area in Las Vegas.

It has also been reported that at the time of the crime Latoya was seen sitting down with ear phones in as she might have been waiting for a ride.

Since the tragic night, Ishe Smith has posted tributes to the Latoya Wollen on his Twitter and social media accounts:

Everyone at Boxing News and Views sends their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Latoya Wollen and Ishe Smith at this difficult time.